Which felons will automatically get their voting rights back?

The Facts About the Impact of Mass Incarceration on Virginia Residents

• There are 350,000 Virginians who have limited rights as taxpayers and citizens resulting from minor infractions with the law.

• After having paid their debts to society years ago – often 10, 20 even 30 years ago – many are still denied basic rights as citizens of Virginia.

• Many of these persons are now strong leaders of their families, very solid members in many of our church congregations, active community leaders, very solid employees and business owners.

• By an overwhelming margin (71% to 23%) polls reflects Virginians strongly support Restoration of Voting Rights.

• Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell recently announced his initial ideas to form a Restoration of Voting Rights plan in Virginia.  He has appointed a special working group to finalize his ideas.  It is anticipated the full details of his plan will be announced on July 15, 2013.


While many are enthuiastic about his announcement, many others are reserving judgement and comments until the final details are announced and presented in July.

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1 in 5 African Americans permanently banned from voting and other civil rights in VA credit: Advancement Project

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